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Podcasts for the Planet is a series featuring high-profile guests and looks at key themes in ecology, ethics, law, finance and more at this unique moment of crisis and change for humanity. Produced by Dona Grace-Campbell, Stop Ecocide Canada.

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Friday Oct 06, 2023

Can ecocide law support business?  Can recognizing ecocide provide a legal safety rail to deter and prevent the worst harms while unlocking innovation? Will it level the playing field for sustainable enterprise?  Find out in this episode as we explore these ideas with business leaders.

Tuesday Mar 28, 2023

The ocean is the source of all life on earth including humanity, and we all depend on the global services the ocean provides.  Though it seems immense and immutable, the more we learn, the more we understand how dramatically our actions are changing it. In this episode we speak with two long time ocean advocates, Farah Obaidullah of Women4Oceans and Antoinette Vermilye of The Gallifrey Foundation.

Tuesday Jan 24, 2023

In December 2022 thousands of people from around the world gathered in Montreal for COP 15 , the convention on Biological Diversity. While nearly 200 governments came together to hash out a deal for nature, the voice of the global community was deafening at every step and had a major impact on the outcome. On this episode we bring you many of those voices:
Amy Lewis WILD Foundation
Julia Jackson Grounded
Dr. Eric Dinnerstein Resolve
Dana Doleszar Stop Ecocide
Sudha and Shruthi Kottillil Global Youth Biodiversity Network
Daniel Frank Rios to Rivers
Diyet Diyet Music
Christine Smith-Martin Coastal First Nations
Karioki Kirigia Concordia University
Joyce Mbataru Kenya Wildlife Conservancies Association
Professor Alexandre Antonelli Kew Royal Botanical Gardens
Farooq Ullah The B Team
Podcast music Andy Squiff Squiffeye

Wednesday Aug 10, 2022

Global capitalism now threatens to bring modern civilization to a grinding halt.  Why is that happening and what should be done about it? In this episode we hear powerful solutions from financial economist Ralph Chami, and venture capitalist Tom Rand, working to make conservation and ecosystem protection profitable. 
Ralph Chami
Tom Rand

Monday Apr 25, 2022

Voice of the People: Steven Donziger and the Power of Ecocide Law.
In this episode we speak with noted human rights lawyer Steven Donziger about the historic settlement he helped win in Ecuador against Chevron and their subsequent vicious and illegal persecution of him. Steven talks about how Ecocide Law could have helped prevent these horrific human and environmental abuses.  It is a powerful and ultimately inspiring story of courage and solidarity.

Episode 4 - Energy and Ecocide

Wednesday Jan 05, 2022

Wednesday Jan 05, 2022

Stop Ecocide Canada and Iron and Earth presentEnergy and Ecocide: Tooling a Just Transition.  What does the whaling industry and Alberta's Oil Sands have in common? Find our here in this 20 minute fascinating podcast featuring the Executive Director Luisa Da Silva of Iron and Earth. 
Music: Buddy Thatcher composer and  bensound.com.

Wednesday Jan 05, 2022

In this 3rd episode 22 year old guest host and aspiring law student  Saira Puhar introduces us to two outstanding human rights lawyers Kate Mackintosh and Lisa Oldring.  Meeting in the aftermath of Rwanda, they see the imperative to criminalize some of the most heinous ecological crimes on the planet.  The intersection of human rights and environmental rights becomes clear, as they explore culture, the UNICEF report on the state of climate change on children and the impunity with which these crimes have been committed. 

Wednesday Jan 05, 2022

The 26th global conference on the environment — COP26 — was postponed last year due to Covid, striking a heavy blow to those who believed the gathering was humanity's last chance to rescue the 2015 Paris climate accord, and avert the looming climate disaster.The conference's postponement didn't deter hundreds of committed, articulate, passionate young people from almost 150 countries around the world from coming together virtually, to tackle some of the most pressing issues facing our planet. "Mock COP26" resulted in a proposed treaty containing 18 powerful calls to action, a document that will hopefully help shape the debate at the re-scheduled COP26, to take place in Glasgow this November.
In this Stop Ecocide Canada podcast, two Mock COP26 participants discuss the event, their hopes and concerns going forward, and their views on changing laws to make ecocide a crime.

Episode 1 - Youth Speak Out!

Wednesday Jan 05, 2022

Wednesday Jan 05, 2022

In this Stop Ecocide Canada podcast, host R.G. Morse discusses environmental advocacy and the future of our planet with two Canadian student activists — 14-year-old Ginger Oseki, and 16-year-old Miguel Pastór. The conversation ranges from Ginger's decision to allow herself to be arrested during a protest against old growth logging, to Miguel's thoughts on a future free of societal dominance systems. These are thoughtful, passionate — and youthful — voices that demand to be heard.

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